Rest: My weekend was awesome. Was yours?

I must say, it really was a WONDERFUL weekend. It was just one of those weekends where everything went well and everyone was in a good mood (besides my allergies.. they were horrible! But I'm trying to look past that little bump in the weekend road). It was my bestie's B-day on Saturday (that's her and me pictured above) but Mr. Wonderful and I were really looking forward to a T-town weekend, so we decided to split the weekend up: half in Tucson, half in Phoenix. What a great idea! The fact that I had a three-day weekend helped things run smoothly. Weekend awesomeness included, but was not limited to: 
  • Tucson Street Fair! WAHOO (see pics below). Too bad AZ hit a record seasonal high and we had to trek the streets in 96 degree weather. I'm sorry... isn't it April?! I'm not ready for the heat. I'M NOT READY.
  • 6 Mile Tucson run. Oh I just LOVE running in Tucson. Can someone please find me a job in Tucson so I can move there?! Otherwise I'll have to become a hippy, grow a garden, make bad desert art and live in a commune. This is the only way to survive in Tucson. Tempting... but I suppose not realistic.
  • Bestie's Birthday party. She turned 24. Lucky her. I'm 25. I'm old. The whole gang showed up. I was drugged up and Benodryl and Sudafed and ended up having a fabulous time being over-enthusiastic and giggly. 
  • Babysat my nephew. Have I told you lately how ADORABLE my nephew is? He's quite possibly the cutest kid in America. Heck, maybe even in the world. He's currently working on crawling but seems to be closer to walking than crawling. He can't seem to go forward on his belly. He just starts to scoot backwards... like an army drill in the mud. And then he starts crying because he wishes he was going forward instead of backwards. Then I start laughing. He makes really funny faces when he cries. 
  • Relaxed, read blogs, wrote some things and read on my new Nook!
Good weekend huh? I know you're jealous. 

And now.... The Tucson Street Fair Story Board!

There were a ton of people there. So that was cool. And a lot of the art was actually good, so that was cool too. It was about 2 miles of this (exciting picture, I know):

After grabbing some brewskies from some very excited retirees, a large sign caught my eye: 

They had 17 different types of honey.. WHAT?! We tasted about six of them. They were damn good. My favorite flavor was desert wildflower... don't ask me to explain what that tastes like. After selfishly wasting the booth owner's time... I was almost guilted into buying a jar. Luckily Mr. Wonderful pulled me away in the nick of time! He's always good at stepping in when I'm about to make really careless decisions.  One time he had to stop me from buying a car because I felt bad for wasting the sale's guy's time. This really happened. I'm easily persuaded. Anyways, here's the honey (yummy): 

Then I saw a guy wearing shorts with little American flags all over them. I found this to be the corniest, funniest thing I'd ever seen. So I took a picture: 

Do you see the flags?! Even better, was this sign that was supposed to say Cowgirl Up.... do you see the typo? Please tell me you do.. 

There were also cool festival people. Can you see him doing fun tricks on a unicycle?!

And decadent and greasy festival food that I somehow restrained myself from eating. 

We ended the day at this booth, which I then found out was the entire reason that Mr. Wonderful's libertarian friend wanted to go to the festival. Apparently, these are a big deal?

Have a happy Monday!


  1. YAY tucson!
    YAY awesome weekends!!

    Love the photos.
    LOVE Tucson!

  2. Hey!

    It's so great running into you in the blogosphere! I don't know if you remember me, I'm David Gramp's lady friend.

    Anyway, hope all is well!

  3. Cool pics from Tucson! Glad you enjoyed the weekend. :)

  4. Thanks for liking Tucson all!

    AND CHELSEA! Hi, I haven't talking to you in forever! Thanks for finding me in blog land!

  5. Those jars of honey look DIVINE!


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