Rest: Going local

If I met me today, and I told myself all the cool things I did this weekend, I would think that I'm a pretty cool cat. Unfortunately, I typically fail to be as proactive as I was this weekend. Most days I would meet myself and think hey you're kinda lazy. But not today, no no. not. to.day. 

Friday: Drive to Tucson post-work. Mr. Wonderful cooked a delicious Pasta Marinara and then we walked to the Gold Nugget and played some pool. The Gold Nugget is a quaint, rustic dive bar with cheap drinks, a jukebox, three pool-tables and traditional bar decor consisting of leather, wood and neon lights.  I lost twice... it wasn't my night. But hey, I had fun anyways. If I try really, really hard, someday I'll be good at pool, right?

Saturday: Ran in the rain. It was cold. I was ill-prepared.

Then, headed to Monument camera where I bought a new camera lens. This place is epic. It's full of old cameras, film and equipment and the guy that works there knows pretty much EVERYTHING about camera. The building itself it horrific, but it's a gem inside:

Sadly, it was to rainy to take pictures. So we made lunch (YUMMY vegan burritos. Rocked my freaking world! Who knew Mr. Wonderful is such a good cook!?), and then headed to Bookman's for some camera books! 

Our last stop of the evening was the video rental store. I haven't been in a movie rental store in over 2 years... I think. They're kinda outdated... but it was awesome. Not only was their an epic amount of films to choose from, the store was employed with the nerdiest, most film-geek looking people I've ever seen. It was awesome. The movies were also organized in really helpful ways such as "Oscar-winners by year," "directors," "Criterion," "classic actors," etc. They also had free bags of popcorn. For dinner, we had Italian-style pizza at a cute little local bistro. It was delicious. I love pizza... MMmmm... now I want pizza.

We rented The Last Days of Disco. It was awesome. I think I have officially put it into my top ten favorite videos list. 

Sunday: I ran hills for practically the first time. 7 Miles. It was awesome. So much fun. And Gates Pass is beautiful. 

And we ended the wonderful weekend by taking pictures at the beautiful Mission San Xavier Del Bac. I can't even begin to articulate how ornately stunning the interior is, and how breathtaking the building itself is. So I won't even try. I took lots of pictures. Be patient and I'll post them for you soon. I have a an old film SLR, so I have to get them developed. I know, how archaic of me. It really was beautiful though. Ya, Europe? You think you got some fancy cathedrals? You aint got NOTHING on Tucson!

The moral of the weekend is: Be proactive with what you do and support local businesses.


  1. Looks like you had a great weekend! :)

  2. I've also recently had a "run in the rain".

    It begs the question: what's the rule on showering if it rains the whole time you're running?


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