Rate: Vegan?

I'm thinking about going vegan. I'm already a vegetarian and I already avoid cheese because I'm lactose intolerant. But God I love cheese. So I often go on pizza/burrito/cheesy/greasy binges. These typically leave me feeling very, very ill. They're really good for training too (Not!).  I also think calcium is very important. But I really do think I should be vegan. I'm so torn. What to do!? 

I'll leave it to the jury. Should I go vegan? Yay or Nay?!


  1. I would go for it. It sounds like the cheese is not worth the pain and gas. I have the same issues so no milk cheese for me. I love almond milk and soy cheese instead.

  2. I say no because you love cheese. Work on the moderation instead of the binging.

    My two cents.

  3. That picture is kinda scary! lol. Maybe try out being a Vegan & see how it goes?

  4. How about being vegan until you really just want some cheese (so that would make you a quasi-vegan)? Why not try having cheese as a snack or as a treat instead of a massive attack? Why does it have to be all or nothing? (This is coming from a vegan, mind you. :) )

  5. sorry totally late on this, go vegan! promise it sounds like something that might work for you and the animals would be your bff:)


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