Run: It's hot again. Dangit!

It must be nice having a spring. I wouldn't know. Ours lasted about three weeks. If it doesn't cool down one more time before summer, I might have to head North ASAP and soak in some cooler weather before permanently adjusting to 100 degrees plus.

It's been 90-95 all week. FUN. What does this mean for my running? GOOD QUESTION. This means that I must passionately convert to early-birdism. I must become a morning person. And not just a roll out of bed early and go to work person. I must start waking up at 445-5, put on my running shoes and bust out a great workout before heading to my cubicle. I really want to be that person. I really do... But my bed is just so comfortable and my dog is so cuddly and it's so dark outside! UGH!

It also means I have to carry water even for a short 30 minute run. So this weekend, I had to bust out the trusty fuel belt. Hello fuel belt, I've missed you! The fuel belt is pictured above. Sorry for the grainy picture, and I'm growling in the picture... in case you weren't sure. RAWR. Anyways, I like to fill one bottle with an electrolyte water, and the other bottle with just water. Typically I end up pouring half of the untainted water all over myself. I'm convinced this helps. I ran the other day when it was about 90 degrees out and I ended up soaking wet by the end of the run. I'd say half sweat/half water. It's times like these that I wish I were a cyclist... at least they get some wind in the heat!

 What about you all? Any tricks to staying cool? Do you wear a fuel belt or something else?


  1. Well it looks like we might get a few days of relief this week! I can't find a fuel belt that doesn't ride up or feel bulky. :P

  2. I've got the handheld, I've tried the belt but it's too bouncy for me...besides that I trail run when it's wicked hot...at least the trees give me some shade

  3. i run either with a nathan water botle set up or fuelbelt. I need the fluids so it's important I have 'em on board. That and mui salt sicks tablets...


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